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Band Girls Rock

A place to show love for the girls in (and with) the bands

Band Girls Rock!
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loving on the extended fbr & mcr band girls and band girlfriends
This fandom has some badass chicks in it. There are awesome girls in bands everywhere and there are also awesome band girlfriends everywhere. Basically bandom is an explosion of girl awesome. I don't know about you, but I want to celebrate the girl awesome.

I want to read more fic, see more pictures, read more primers and have more conversations about the awesomeness we have in bandom.

Also, I want to encourage the femmeslash. Bring me more femmeslash my bandgirl loving friends!!! Het and Gen are totally awesome too.

This is a community for all things related to the girls in the extended fbr/mcr fandoms. If someone is awesome and you aren't sure if they count as fbr/mcr etc post about them anyway! We all want more awesome girls. (Like, if someone wanted to post an angsty breakup fic about Nina Gordon leaving Veruca Salt I WOULD NOT SAY NO OKAY)

So come! Post things!

A few rules:

1) Use cut tags! Fic, pictures and text longer than a few hundred words should go behind a cut.

2) NO HATING. this should go without saying as this is a love community.

3) This is a comm about the bandgirls who identify as girls in real life. When you are considering whether to post fic with genderswapped boys in it, think to yourself "would i still post this fic in this community if this boy was not genderswapped?" If yes, post away. If not, head on over to one of the other fic comms and post there.

4) No WIPs. If you want to post a finished fic as a serial that's fine, but unless it's finished please don't post it.

5) Please don't link to locked fic. If you don't want the kind of readership that unlocked fic can create then perhaps posting to a community is not the best option for you.

Wanna know who these girls are? Here is a list of some of the awesome picspams & primers out there and check the picspam and the primer tags for more!